Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{The Most Important Stats, Comments, Views}

So in this digital world we live in how can we go a day without being connected?! Hey I'm likely the worst offender of all. I have it ALL from a family blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, to a graphic design version of all listed and much, much more. So as I'm sitting here I am reflecting on what is most important to me. Sure the stats, comments, views, etc. of my blog mean a lot {more than any of you realize...like awh you really do care?!}. I look back at the beginning of this blog and I see that some posts have LITERALLY ZERO views. I see that the posts with the most views are when my children were in the hospital or when my messy house is shown for all to see...which is pretty disappointing. But really I think it is our nature to take interest in those particular types of posts. Well you know what I realized?! None of any of that truly matters, the numbers, the comments...none of it. I know ultimately I don't care about it because if it REALLY MEANT something to me I would have stopped this blog some time ago. You want to know why I continue to posting...I'll give you two guesses. ;) The most important stats are these ones:

Fletcher six month check = weight 19.13 lbs (I definitely tell everyone he is 20 lbs...he feels like it), height 28.5 inches and head circumference 45 centimeters 

Reegan two year check = weight 27.8 lbs height 36 inches and head circumference 50 centimeters

The stats of these two healthy, happy babies mean more to me than any other stats ever could.

The comments that are the most important to me come from these two + daddy. I wove brother. It's waining mommy?! Windows up? Bye bye shushy bye. I don't wick it. I go bye bye. I want a tweat. I love butter. I hold him! Shoes on. I go to the park? I love God. AND SO SO SO MANY MORE!

And views like these are ones that I live for! LOL! 

I am completely in awe of the amazing, beautiful things that God has created but the two most beautiful things my eyes see are these two. Who knew the beauty that could come in such small packages. I'm truly blessed. The gratitude I have to Him will never be questioned because He has given me more than I could ever give back to Him. I will forever be grateful to Him and it has nothing to do with readers {stats, comments, views and clicks} but everything to do with what is read about here...my family...my everything.

I was recently watching a documentary that followed the life of a baby leopard and I was practically brought to tears over the narrative below:

He has the ability to make his mother take care of him. For like all young his soft feel and smell, cute eyes...inspire to make him irresistible to his mother. He's quite simply hardwired to be adorable. To make him the center of her life...

And isn't that the truth?!...no doubt about it these two are the center of my life....well a big part of it at least...a certain Mr. ranks pretty high up there too. ;)



Kate M said...

I think your blog is awesome! It's the only one I read. Even though I rarely post a comment...scratch that, I've never posted a comment, I will definitely make an effort to do so more. I think it's hard not to want to hear feedback on what you have posted because it does mean so much to you, there's nothing wrong with that. I do think you're in the right place knowing why you are doing it, for yourself and for your family to look back on.

I admire all your creative abilities that you manage to squeeze into a day, week, month being a mother of two adorable little cuties, a wife to your high school sweetheart, and working full time??? I think it's tough with one and I work part time, wah, wah! Keep it up Rachel, people do read your blog and check out the things you post/link!

Rachel Harding said...

Thank you! I so appreciate the love! :)