Monday, October 22, 2012

{Watch Fletch Grow | 7 O'Clock Month}

So this month you get to see a lil' booty because guess what?! Mister mister started to pull up on EVERYTHING!...he is SO CLOSE to taking steps. So I had to of course show how he could do this in this monthly pic. Sorry about the TERRIBLE lighting...note to self lighting changes monthly. OOPS! I'll do better next month. ;)


What do you think of the clock theme monthly pics of Fletch?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

{Nanny McMeeee}

So we had cousin William over for a play date the other day and I was feeling pretty awesome about the day! I made some awesome grub for the kids + we did an amazing project + went to Chuck E Cheese + sidewalk chalked it up + much more. 

It had me thinking that this might be a new calling for me. THEN later that night this happened...

and it smashed my dreams of being a nanny/doing childcare. Because of Reegan's eye infection William couldn't come back the next day since he narrowly avoided being sick himself. Sheesh! We did have a lot of fun for the majority of the day though. Check out the our project HOW TO HERE! I'm thinking to do a glitter version in the VERY NEAR future. ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Car rides with Reegan never fail to be entertaining from fake vampire teeth to singing and dancing. I'm thankful for the extra laughs and joy this little lady provides us with.

We are currently looking for a childrens version of the thun thun thun song. Eeks!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

{My Cuddle Bug}

It's amazing being a parent and watching how fast your children grow. I remember the day my son was born just like it was yesterday. So fast to come into the world but entirely too slow to come home. He spent his first five days in the NICU. I remember how rather than being able to cuddle him from the moment he was born he struggled to breath. I wasn't able to nurse him, really hold him, or love him before he was positioned by his nurse and then it was decided that he should be monitored carefully since breathing was clearly a labor for him. What a different experience each child and birth is. We did not expect this and were not prepared for the days ahead of us. 

Those days I will never forget. Watching the baby you carried safely in your womb only days before with tubes, needles, and monitors is one of the most difficult things a mother could go through. The pain of breathing effortlessly while your child was one of my biggest test of faith. And from all that...I have a true appreciation for the wonders that God works. He gave us a beautiful baby boy on February 15th and we are beyond blessed that He watched over our son until his health was restored. I look back on these pictures and remember how every gasp, deep breath, cough, sneeze in his early days at home was something that made my heart skip a beat. I was eventually able to relax and enjoy our little fuzzy haired boy. I quite obviously cherish my little boy. 

These are just some of the many pictures I captured of him...and the rock and play that he dearly loved. He has already outgrown his first bed. He has outgrown his second bed (his bassinet). He now sleeps in his crib with his little bottom in the air...much like the first position that his nurse worked feverishly to get him into so that he was comfortable that first night in the hospital.

Today I am able to get in as many cuddles as I want with him. I feel so grateful that he is thriving and growing. But he will always be my little cuddle bug.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Strong Like Bull}

Dude my lil' man sure does work those baby muscles out! LOL! He is so funny how he moves stuff around the house these days! You think the baby girls are impressed?!

Wishing he could escape his sister here. Note to self teach Fletcher some moves so sister can't strong arm + "hug" him. Bahaha!

And the sweeter version. Awhhhhhhh love her ruffle butt! Also can we talk about her cute Old Navy shoes I'm obsessed with?!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Sweet Scarlett | Monthly}

My lil sweetie is growing WAYYYYYYY too fast and auntie isn't happy about this. In true form Scarlett is all smiles here! At four months old Scarlett has started rolling over, saying momma, puts her own binkie in her mouth and smiles more and more by the day. She, like her cousin Fletcher, has started to get supplemented with formula...what lil piggies they are! ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Basically, YEAH...}

So basically, yeah my husband is kind of a BIG DEAL! He planned an uber special anniversary this year. I was completely surprised and literally didn't believe that him when he said we were staying the night away. He had made reservations for us to stay at one of my fav hotels....I'd never stayed there but we looked at it for an after wedding Oldtown Scottsdale called The Saguaro and was then The Mondrian. As we pulled up to the hotel Ryan says we are staying here tonight and I said no we aren't! When he told the valet we were checking in I was thinking OK maybe we are. What about my pump {funny that this was the first item of concern}? What about my toothbrush? What about PJ's and an outfit for the next day? Check, check and check...he had packed it all. 

After check in we made our way to our home away from home to settle in. We headed out to eat and stopped at the Bungalow for a quick drink and then to dinner at FNB. Amazing food + service + atmosphere...hands down one of my tops fav dining experiences. You. MUST. Check. It. Out...SERIOUSLY! Soft shell crab appetizer. His and hers prime ribs. A bottle of local Vino wine. Two piggies embracing {see pictures}. Peaches. Candlelight/white lights. The definition of fine dining. Pavle one of the owners waited on us and what a wealth of knowledge and impeccable customer service. He just made me smile! And we kinda felt dumb because he would say have you had this food item? No. This food item? No. This food item? No. I literally can't even remember the names. Ryan said apparently we have never eaten before. Haha! We were giggling about it and at ourselves. Wonderful conversation with my best friend. A clean plate and we never felt rushed.

Then back home to sit on our patio and watch a wedding reception and gallery event in Clayton Park. Last time we were here to celebrate Miranda and Alen's union and I had a full, pregnant belly. An old couple dancing to the music in the park. That will be us one day he tells me. My heart shines. I know it will be. He & I...we are forever. We finished another bottle of wine. Skip to the next morning. Hehe!

Enjoyed a walk to The Breakfast Club for yummy ice cream topped short stack. We took several silly colored door pictures seen above. God bless him for always playing along with me even though he definitely didn't want to. We quickly packed up and bid our home away from home adieu.

Warmly welcomed home by Grandma Janet, Reegan and Fletcher. Basically, yeah...a PERFECT anniversary celebration.

{Blessed for 12 Married for 3}

Blessed for 12 years with one of the most amazing people I know. I have called him so many things during our 12 years together...buddy, boyfriend, man friend, roomate, fiance, best friend, husband, hubz, father of my children, etc.

What we have is rare. The memories. The experiences. Over a decade of love. Every year we get closer to spending more time together than we were apart and I couldn't feel more happiness and love. Everyday he amazes me. His love. His patience. His grace. His strength. His kind heart. Wonderful in every way through my eyes...he's always been this way...ever since we were 16 years old. I struggle to remember one single thing that is the same about me since I was 16 years old but the most important thing in my life is I have been Ryan's partner.

On this special day we celebrate three years of marriage and I can't possibly find words that would do justice to describe how utterly blessed I am to have my husband in my life. I will never be able to express how thankful I am or give enough thanks to God for an amazing partner that He made just for me. My first, my last, my always.

Enjoy the lovely passage I found:

The union of husband and wife merges two persons in such a way that little can affect one without also affecting the other. Oneness in marriage doesn’t mean losing your personality in the personality of the other. Instead, it means caring for your spouse as you care for yourself, learning to anticipate his or her needs, helping the other person become all he or she can be. The creation story tells of God’s plan that husband and wife should be one (Genesis 2:24), and Jesus also referred to this plan (Matthew 19:4-6). (Commentary explanation for Ephesians 5:31-33)

See how were celebrated our anniversary here. And read about year 1 {a quiet celebration...finally going home after Reegan's hospital stay}  & year 2.