Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Basically, YEAH...}

So basically, yeah my husband is kind of a BIG DEAL! He planned an uber special anniversary this year. I was completely surprised and literally didn't believe that him when he said we were staying the night away. He had made reservations for us to stay at one of my fav hotels....I'd never stayed there but we looked at it for an after wedding Oldtown Scottsdale called The Saguaro and was then The Mondrian. As we pulled up to the hotel Ryan says we are staying here tonight and I said no we aren't! When he told the valet we were checking in I was thinking OK maybe we are. What about my pump {funny that this was the first item of concern}? What about my toothbrush? What about PJ's and an outfit for the next day? Check, check and check...he had packed it all. 

After check in we made our way to our home away from home to settle in. We headed out to eat and stopped at the Bungalow for a quick drink and then to dinner at FNB. Amazing food + service + atmosphere...hands down one of my tops fav dining experiences. You. MUST. Check. It. Out...SERIOUSLY! Soft shell crab appetizer. His and hers prime ribs. A bottle of local Vino wine. Two piggies embracing {see pictures}. Peaches. Candlelight/white lights. The definition of fine dining. Pavle one of the owners waited on us and what a wealth of knowledge and impeccable customer service. He just made me smile! And we kinda felt dumb because he would say have you had this food item? No. This food item? No. This food item? No. I literally can't even remember the names. Ryan said apparently we have never eaten before. Haha! We were giggling about it and at ourselves. Wonderful conversation with my best friend. A clean plate and we never felt rushed.

Then back home to sit on our patio and watch a wedding reception and gallery event in Clayton Park. Last time we were here to celebrate Miranda and Alen's union and I had a full, pregnant belly. An old couple dancing to the music in the park. That will be us one day he tells me. My heart shines. I know it will be. He & I...we are forever. We finished another bottle of wine. Skip to the next morning. Hehe!

Enjoyed a walk to The Breakfast Club for yummy ice cream topped short stack. We took several silly colored door pictures seen above. God bless him for always playing along with me even though he definitely didn't want to. We quickly packed up and bid our home away from home adieu.

Warmly welcomed home by Grandma Janet, Reegan and Fletcher. Basically, yeah...a PERFECT anniversary celebration.

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