Saturday, October 13, 2012

{My Cuddle Bug}

It's amazing being a parent and watching how fast your children grow. I remember the day my son was born just like it was yesterday. So fast to come into the world but entirely too slow to come home. He spent his first five days in the NICU. I remember how rather than being able to cuddle him from the moment he was born he struggled to breath. I wasn't able to nurse him, really hold him, or love him before he was positioned by his nurse and then it was decided that he should be monitored carefully since breathing was clearly a labor for him. What a different experience each child and birth is. We did not expect this and were not prepared for the days ahead of us. 

Those days I will never forget. Watching the baby you carried safely in your womb only days before with tubes, needles, and monitors is one of the most difficult things a mother could go through. The pain of breathing effortlessly while your child was one of my biggest test of faith. And from all that...I have a true appreciation for the wonders that God works. He gave us a beautiful baby boy on February 15th and we are beyond blessed that He watched over our son until his health was restored. I look back on these pictures and remember how every gasp, deep breath, cough, sneeze in his early days at home was something that made my heart skip a beat. I was eventually able to relax and enjoy our little fuzzy haired boy. I quite obviously cherish my little boy. 

These are just some of the many pictures I captured of him...and the rock and play that he dearly loved. He has already outgrown his first bed. He has outgrown his second bed (his bassinet). He now sleeps in his crib with his little bottom in the air...much like the first position that his nurse worked feverishly to get him into so that he was comfortable that first night in the hospital.

Today I am able to get in as many cuddles as I want with him. I feel so grateful that he is thriving and growing. But he will always be my little cuddle bug.


Anonymous said...

Those first few days were so hard seeing our little buddy in the NICU, but God was watching over him, mommy, and daddy as we spent those days in the hospital. We love Fletcher so much and I can't believe how much joy he has given to this family.

Love Daddy

Unknown said...

I know those days in the NICU can be really scary and test your faith in ways you could never have imagined but i truly think those little ones who are able to leave the NICU are so much stronger than they would have been with a normal homecoming. They just have something in that gives them like a superhero gene or something. While not fun the NICU stay also helps you to really look at the important things in your life and truly be thankful for Gods gifts. You two are such awesome parents and i know have really grown from your experiences.