Saturday, October 20, 2012

{Nanny McMeeee}

So we had cousin William over for a play date the other day and I was feeling pretty awesome about the day! I made some awesome grub for the kids + we did an amazing project + went to Chuck E Cheese + sidewalk chalked it up + much more. 

It had me thinking that this might be a new calling for me. THEN later that night this happened...

and it smashed my dreams of being a nanny/doing childcare. Because of Reegan's eye infection William couldn't come back the next day since he narrowly avoided being sick himself. Sheesh! We did have a lot of fun for the majority of the day though. Check out the our project HOW TO HERE! I'm thinking to do a glitter version in the VERY NEAR future. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Loves it!!! So glad you're embracing and enjoying the moment you're in while the hunt for what's next continues. Even more glad everyone is one the men's! <3, Vanessa