Monday, December 30, 2013

{35 & 36 Weeks - Hudson William Harding}

Got a little behind with the holiday madness but we have made it to 36 weeks!!! We want to cook this little dude to full term (37 weeks) or for the long haul to 40 weeks. Prayers people that I will make it. As most everyone knows Fletcher came at 36 weeks but had to stay in NICU for lung issues and Reegan came at 38 weeks. I've been living a lazy life this time around to ensure we don't have this guy too early. I must admit having four more weeks to prepare for him would be ideal as well. With getting keys to the new house on 11.12.13 and doing renovations, moving and then holidays right after...we DEFINITELY don't have things ready for Hudson yet. Ooops! Just keepin' it real. Anyone wanna come help change that?! I kid. Anyways enjoy the belly pics and if I have anything to say about it you'll see four more of these before baby. Hehe!

PS super happy that my Scarlett girl got to sneaky into the mix over the Christmas holiday! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{SODAlighted for a Special Sprinkle / Diaper Drive}

My amazing friends Jen, Vanessa and Kristi put on a lovely, low-key Sprinkle for me last weekend and I have to say it was so nice to chill with my main peeps and have a small Hudson celebration.

There was fab bunting, flowers, flavored sodas and some of my favs for a beautiful brunch. 

I love how they snagged some words from my "We're Not Crazy We're Blessed Post" about embarking on having a family with five....which was added to the custom bottle labels on the flavored soda favor. So many people comment with crazy, nuts, insane, busy etc. etc. etc. when talking to me about my baby on the way and how we will have three children. Pretty sure even having one kiddo has it moments. I don't know what God has planned for our family but we intend on this lil man being our promises to anyone though. At the end of the day it's our lives and family and although comments will always keep right on coming we give provide for our kids and love them lots and that is what counts.  Phewph! ;) Anyways back to the sprinkle...we also enjoyed some tasty treats and laughs while we played a "What's in Your Bag" aunt Debbie dominated by scoring 106 and the next was Brianne at around 59. 

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such special women that continue to celebrate our growing Harding family...even on baby number 3. Especially the ones that took the time and effort to put this perfect celebration together in Hudson's honor. 

I'm pretty sure they are just making sure that they will be able to get in some major snuggle time with Hudson once he arrives. Hehe! That's a given...stellar sprinkle celebration or not. :)

{34 Weeks - Hudson William Harding}

Continuing to rest up and grow this baybay at 34 weeks. Christmas is coming y'all. Super pumped to celebrate the birth of Christ. With all the new home stuff and growing a babe I'm feeling more like really taking in the true meaning of Christmas and skipping on all the commercial stuff. I actually have only purchased the kiddos one toy each and a couple DVDs for Christmas this year. The rest is recycling things we had on hand or buying used. I know they are gonna love opening their packages...doesn't matter what is inside or how much we spent on it. I watched an HBO documentary called American Winter the other night that really got me thinking...the real gift is that we can provide for them anything they need. We have been so blessed for that because so many people can't give their children three meals a day, a warm bed to sleep in, a roof over their head, proper winter clothes/coats, enough diapers to keep them clean, etc. etc. I made the hubs watch it too. It's really good to remind ourselves about how fortunate we really are. Well I got off topic of Mr. Hudson there...he continues to grow and I think he will be one strong boy...I'm convinced he is the most active of all this siblings and really gets my tummy moving around. Hoping he isn't getting antsy and can entertain himself for another 6 weeks. We joke that he hears all the craziness in the house and wants to stay put for the long haul. People have already been taking bets on his far we have 1/7 and 1/13...only time will tell.

Monday, December 16, 2013

{33 Weeks - Hudson William Harding}

So really crazy how soon our family will be growing by one. I am currently a week behind. Posting 33 weeks at 34 weeks pregnant. I'm going to be seeing my OB weekly after my next appointment....when I will be 36 weeks. I had Fletcher when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Makes it seem like lil Hudson will be here even faster than I think. I plan on cooking him for the full 40 weeks but we will see when God says it's time for this boy to arrive. Cannot wait! Getting things ready feverishly! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Happy Bump Day}

Taken last week at 32 weeks. I currently get a mix of baby bump comments. Some say you look so pregnant others say you are so small. Feeling more and more like a turtle everyday...slow moving and not very flexible. Haha! So when you think of me...currently think of the tortoise and the hare...or more like a hare trapped in a tortoise body. LOL! Happy Bump Day y'all!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{DIY Christmas Ornaments - Vintage Book Theme}

Check it out over at A Night Owl Blog that I contribute for. My vintage book holiday ornament tutorial. You know me and trying to do thing on a dime! I kept my DIY ornament in a classic theme using pages from a vintage Christmas book I purchased from Goodwill for just $1.99.

A little bit of glitter, a little bit of twine, a little bit of tinsel = super easy, super cheap, super classy! Thanks to Jen for her vintage book theme this year at the Street House for my inspiration! What do you think of my creations? 


For the full DIY write up head over to ANO!Good luck and Merry Christmas to you!

{2013 Christmas Tree Lot Compare}

My oh my!!! How my lil dude has grown since last Christmas! While Reegan still rocks the same coat. Haha! And he still isn't too hot on posing for a pic...just like in last years pic. LOL! He was INSANELY distracted by a giant blow up Santa which was completely understandable. Haha! So as some of you might know this year is a REAL test for Mr. Harding. We will see if he will get a real tree again next year. Last year we didn't trash our tree until maybe January or February. What?! I'm taking bets now and have been pricing artificial trees already. Haha! Kidding! Love you honey! Muah!

{32 Weeks - Hudson William Harding}

How am I already 32 weeks pregnant?! AND I'm have just a hand full of baby bump photos. Ugh! Moving, holidays, kids and more have me more busy than usual...which is practice for how busy I will soon be with a little crew of three. Moment of truth...I was thinking about it last night and I'm a little nervous. I mean how does this whole 3 kids thing work anyway?! How will Ryan and I handle being will one of us manage ALL THREE kiddos at once if the other is out to the store or something? How will I keep them safe...we have the whole holding hands thing down in the parking lots but I only have TWO HANDS. And you know what?....I quickly remembered that we will just manage just as we always do...especially with the grace of God. 

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." ~Jeremiah 29:11-13 Know this parent will have some prayers to the big man a plenty soon. But I am OF COURSE crazy excited for Hudson to join the family and to be a first time mom for the third time! Eeeeeee!

Another updated pic coming this week. I hope that Fletcher will be in better spirits. Bahaha! Taken at #ourhardinghouse and I will be doing a post on our new place soon too!

Friday, October 25, 2013

{hello Halloween}

One of the local AZ brands I'm loving lately is hello apparel. Had to snag me one of their special made Halloween kids tees. In true form I waited a lil late and had to order a tee that was a little large on Reegan but I think it looks cute anyway! 

Being a little ham sandwich! When did this girl get so big?!

LOOK what we found on the @helloapparel Insta profile...Reegan included in the collage. Glad they likey my pics! :)

You might be seeing some more of this brand in our holiday photos!

{Isabel Marie Harding}

Oh heyyyyyyy nieceypoo! So beyond excited to see Isabel and the Harding family this upcoming weekend. Can't believe how diff these cousins look already...seems like the same nose. Maybe Lindz is blessed to have a lil girl that isn't a mini me of daddy! LOL! I'm officially used to everyone calling my kids Little Ryans.

Isabel was born October 7th in Denver, CO.

Top/Left photos are Reegan taken by Christy Goetz Photography

Bottom/Right photos are Isabel taken by Maren Miller Photography

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{Bridal Shower - Sandwich Recipe}

Because I literally get asked all the time about the food I had at my Bridal Shower over 4 years ago I am posting the yummy goodness up here. Thanks to Kiki Harding for sharing!!!

2 pkg. Dinner Rolls (About 16 Rolls)
Sliced Cheese (Cheddar, Provolone or Swiss)
Sliced Ham or Smoked Turkey

Glaze Topping
Boil Together:
2 T Poppy Seeds
1 ½ Sticks Butter
2 T Worcestershire Sauce
2 T. Brown Sugar
2 T Prepared Mustard

Boil the topping ingredients for short time approx. 5 minutes.

Assemble meat and cheese sandwiches and place in greased pan. Spoon or brush the topping over the sandwiches.  Bake at 350 degrees. For 15-20 minutes and service warm.

Two posts in a row about food + recipes....yeah I'm def preggers! LOL!

These sandwiches are so easy! And we always make extra so we have extras we can warm for a fab leftover meal. So make a bride-to-be happy and include these in the shower you are planning!


{Halloween Candy Cupcake Recipe and Printables}

Head over to Life According to the Streets to check out a yummy recipe for some treats and for the link to printables I did up last Halloween!

EEK! How tasty do they look!?

Wish I had time to make some of these yummies! Might have to make a trip to a local bakery to acquire a tasty treat for Hudson and I now. LOL!

{A Spooky Soiree and a Free Halloween Printable}

We just love our friends the Fleckys! So we were excited to attend their first (annual?) Halloween kids party! Hanging with the Flecky family, the Riemers, the Streets and new little friends is always on the top of our list!

Jess, as always, threw one amazing event! We had a blast crafting away, playing on Amelia's slide and hide and seeking it up. Jess was loving Fletcher's pumpkin! He did all "on his own" with the candy corn teeth and fuzzy nose. ;)

Fab food and friends are something this preggers is really soaking up lately! Plus I died over all the little cuties in costume!

In my "spare" time I also designed a fun printable for Reegan's preschool class.
Head over to A Night Owl Blog for two freebies and the old Etsy shop for the full set! Are your kids dressing up as any of the characters I designed? Hope you have a fun Halloween!