Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Family Time}

Over the holiday I made arrangements for the Stevens family to have photos taken together with one of my fav photographers Stacey with Dream Photography Studio. I was able to work with Stacey and help revamp her blog assisting her with some tips and pointing her in the right direction as well as some mechanical updates for her. Let me tell you that she is a major joy to work with both on the blog and as a photog.  

These photos were taken in my grandmother's backyard which has so so so many memories for Heather and I...a very special location and I just loved how Stacey made those familiar orange trees as the background. 

Are you loving Scarlett's many faces?! I'm actually melting over her tongue out picture. sighs. I miss her lots!

So as I mentioned I gifted my sister and her family some pictures of the family unit together as they didn't have any to date. We also were able to sneak some in of most of our Taylor family (extended) as well as one of the five generations that us twins are included in. 

Stacey was able to wrangle in not only a bunch of us but also caught most of the kids smiling except of course the Mr. Fletch Butt AKA Mr. He's A Hard Nut To Crack. He looks pretty grumpy or maybe he is trying to be "classic" and not smile like they did in the olden days. Haha!

In addition to these very casual pictures we had taken I want to share some of Stacey's other amazing work! Be sure to consider her for your future needs!

These are only a few samples of her work but I had to snag them because I'm LOVING the bowties and nerd glasses. Did I mention that Mr. Fletch has a Casanova 1st birthday party coming up VERY SOON?! Look for your invite in the mail. Well those bow ties and glasses were making me have heart eyes since they will be part of the theme for his first birthday party. What do you think of Stacey's work?! 

I mean how amazing are these images?! I need to get a smart car for Fletch man to roll up in for his partay! Haha!

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