Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Fletcher's a Funny Walker}

Well I did it! I found more Fletcher Walking videos that are MUCH BETTER in quality! So here you go!

Check out the hubz's a pretty hardy Harding laugh. Haha! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{Fletcher Walks}

Fletcher's first steps caught by daddy and Grandma Janet on January 4, 2013 at 10 months old and three weeks. Not gonna lie momma was a little bummed to have missed this milestone while at work but I've watch countless steps since then. :) Sorry for the poor quality video. 

See Reegan's first steps here. They were literally only days apart when they started to walk! AMAZING! How easy it is to forget... we definitely thought Reegan was walking a LONG TIME before Fletch! Thank goodness for this blog to help keep track of life's important moments!

Also interesting is that mommy was there for Reegan's first steps and daddy was the one that missed out while daddy caught Fletcher's moment. Funny stuff. ;)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Bye Bye Binky! Binky Bye Bye!}

Well it happened! FINALLY AFTER MONTHS OF PREP the Binky Fairy {thanks for the suggestion Rachel} came and took Reegan's binky away into the clouds. We talked about this then talked more and talked even more...she knew all about the Binky Fairy and what was going down for quite some time. Tonight we picked balloons, she hand picked a baby doll she wanted to take home. We let her pick one balloon to keep {incase she might get upset about them going into the clouds}. Then collected all the binks in the house tied some to a balloon bundle, went to the tot lot and she let them go into the clouds. She opened her baby doll and we played in the park for a while. Then dinner and bath and watched Elmo's Bye Bye Binky song. Bed time took a little longer because she didn't have the binky to soothe her to sleep. Instead as I rocked her to sleep we talked about other big girl things she does..."tying" her shoes, putting her own clothes on, going potty in the toilet, starting school after she turns three...all while she cuddled Siri {the name of all her baby dolls}. Momma had extra patience with her tonight as she chatted and sung Bye Bye Binky because after all it was a huge milestone for my big girl an ex binky lover!!! No crying and she fell asleep in good time. Overall a great step in the right direction.

Do you have a lil one that needs to get rid of a bink? How did you do it?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Fletcher Turn's One - Mustache Little Man Party}

Ahhhhh how is it possible that my baby boy has already turned one?! We enjoyed a fun day in the tot lot at Arrowhead Villas. Highlight = BOUNCY CASTLE!...people doooo it! The kids were in heaven on earth. Everything else was just whatever compared to that castle {idea & arrangement by daddy!} Here is the everything else.

My favs were the mini Oreos and fruit cup cocktails labeled "Every Gentleman Enjoys a Cocktail!"...the stripe cups were just ridiculously cute. 

I think the invitation I custom designed really set the tone for the whole event theme...simple but packed with cuteness.

Also my hubs stache was the BEST PROP of all. LOL! I mean that is commitment right there. He was an eager beaver to shave that thing off post party! 

I of course was running around like crazy and probably didn't get to do hair or makeup. Ahhh well just keepin' it real! But I love this one of me and my baby boy...thanks Jessica Flecky Fotography for making me pose!

The party wouldn't have been possible + fun + MUSTACHING without our favorite little dudes and dudettes! 

Reegan was less than thrilled about wearing this stance...clearly. Haha! It's just not her style. :)

Henry was looking dapper and sporting one of the little bowties that I handmade for the our little guests.

Amelia looking cute and munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was served to the kidlets.

Grant, Griff and Dallas nearly have the same look about posing in the ummmm can we get back to playing yet. Hehe!

Reese and all the kids also played the day away on the slides and more at our community tot lot. I can't wait to do it all again next year! What a fabulous time we had! Valentine's weekend will be forever fun with celebrations in honor of our little casanova!

And a few more of my Lil' Mario Brother. 

What's the theme for your little ones party?

As always a special thank you to the AMAZING Flecky Fotography for making me look good with her fab photography!