Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Day for Daddy - Father's Day 2013

Taking time on Father's Day weekend for a special day with just the four of us was something I thought would be a treat. So Saturday we took daddy to the Herb Box but not before opening some presents. 

I was so thrilled when Ryan said that this was one of the BEST Father's Day celebrations for him in huge part to the photo book and frames I made for him...errr I mean the kids made for him. I created a "Life Captured in Cell Phone Pics" Shutterfly Book for him. It was fun to showcase all our everyday pictures that live on my Instagram. Here was a sweet moment where Ryan and Reegan {who is present obsessed right now...doesn't matter if it actually for her or not! LOL!}

Always with the late night are the frames in the making. 

I found these awesome printables and fell in love! Ryan was really touched by the sweet message paired with the amazing studio pictures of the kids. 

The total package also included some BBQ swag and The Civil Wars CD...I only took a picture of the good stuff though. 

I opted to get a card from The Paper Source this year...this one just really spoke to me for Ryan. He's all this and so much more to our little family. 

So after the gift giving we headed out to Scottsdale for some grubage...Ryan of course guessed where we were headed within minutes of leaving the house. SHEESH!...can't sneak one past this guy. 

Some photos to remember the day. 

I mean if you're not dying over Reegan being lady like and Fletcher's chubby thighs then I don't know what to say about that. Haha! Here are some more of Reegan taking a moment to pray and us just being us. Side note: Reegan is already so much like Ryan...always trying to get a laugh. During prayer she says Thank you God for the stinky food, yucky drinks...etc. She is like Thing 1 doing the opposites game is something she finds highly humorous. We are gonna have to work on that but we always take time to let her pray her way...whatever she says I'm glad she is thinking of God and ends with an Amen! 

We are big on kisses around the house and the way she says it is ├╝ber sweet too...think of the youngest sister on Dispicable Me {YES it's random but incase you wondered.}

We love to share these times out with the kids whether being sweet or sassy as seen here.

And Fletcher too...

His thing which he did that day was to say Hiiiiiii or Byyyyyyye while giving big waves to anyone within shouting distance. He was entertaining staff and guests and family as always. Hehe! 

After breakfast we decided to pop over the The Quarter in Scottsdale where we ended up making our way to the splash pad. We of course didn't plan on this but weren't about to let that stop our fun. Kids went into the water in their clothes...that's right we are "THOSE" parents....and darn proud of it. LOL! And with a dry set of extra clothes in the diaper bag it's no harm to foul to let them just be kids and have fun.

After that it was home for a nap and then on to celebrate Griffin turning 2! On Father's Day we spend time with family and had brunch with Grandma Janet and dinner with the Taylor Crew. At the end of the day I snapped a few pics of my favorite people together. I would say it was a pretty successful celebration of the most important men in our lives. Truely blessed. 

Hoped your daddy's day was as memorable as ours.

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