Monday, June 10, 2013

{A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words}

Jess requested a studio shoot of the kids and I requested a playdate afterward. She makes one spectacular swimming set up. Imagine kiddie pool meets slide plus water kids couldn't have been happier! And momma knew they had so much fun with Amelia because they passed out for nearly three hours after we got home. A sign of a successful playdate if you ask me! Well in true fashion Jess got me the photos in no time flat. Funny to think that they went from little formal kid looks in a tulle "Binky Fairy" dress as Reegan described it and JCrew headband and collared shirt with tie and drivers cap to swimsuits.


She has such a talent in capturing my kids personalities in a single snap of the lens. As always feeling blessed to have such a talented friend. Thanks a million times over!

You will probably see these images included in Ryan's Father's Day swag. Shhhhhh!


Tiffany said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!

JenAStreet said...

LOVE the 3rd one down of each of them :)