Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{Fletch's One Year - Oldtown Scottsdale Photo Sesh}

Bet you never thought you'd see these photos huh?! Thanks to MULTIPLE face injuries Fletch had to have photo appointments bumped until we had a scab & bruise free face to photo.

Sidenote it is wayyyyyy difficult to get a one year old BOY to stay in one spot verses a 2 year old diva doll AKA there are a few more pictures of Reegan here than Fletch but no worries people, more pictures are coming and you WILL NOT be disappointed...pinky promise. Also anytime we asked Reegan to hold Fletcher's hand or hug him to help hold him in place he immediatley got annoyed. LOL! So that was fun too. But the amazing amazing amazing and talented Jessica of Flecky Fotography was still able to get some excellent photos of these wild ones.

I'm thrilled because once I get the prints from this session I get to finish off my family pictures wall at home....gee that only took like 5 years. Ugh! Hope you enjoy the sneaky peaky.


Tiffany said...

I love these!!!

Rachel Harding said...

Thank you so much. Many more fab one to come from the talented Jessica of Flecky Fotography! Stay tuned! :)

Wedding Photographers in Jersey said...

what a beautiful photos, i love it..