Friday, August 23, 2013

{We're Not Crazy We're Blessed}

And expecting our third baby! It's funny how as one continues to grow a family the congrats and well wishes decrease per addition. We have always wanted three little Hardings and God has blessed us just with that. When I look at these pictures it fills me with some major joy. 

That joy is because I know that His plan was always for me to be Reegan's mom and Fletcher's mom and baby boy Hudson's mom (due 1/25/2014}. Each one of these little people has impacted our lives in such a indescribably wonderful way. We smile and laugh 300 times more than we would have without them...I find so many more reasons to journal our lives here on our little corner of the www...and each new experience makes my heart just soar. I can not imagine my life without any of them whether it's a fun moment or during a fit.

So we look forward to welcoming our third on January 25th and know that we have an amazing support system of friends and family but most importantly we have the support between two best friends that get to be each others spouse and of course the Big Guy too. Side note did you "eye spy" a bottle in the pic below...parenting at it's finest. LOL!

And could we not bring one more cool kid into the world to fill these glasses?! 

Some more of my favorite pictures from our family session with Stacey! Amazingly talented, kind hearted, warm lady behind the camera! Check her out!

Yeah that is def a blue winier....wonder why a person pregnant having a baby boy would have that in there. Hahahaha!

So there you have it our official baby announcement...that is clearly happy everything. Hope you enjoyed our "family...oh and by the way I'm pregnant" pictures. Full on belly pics to come at a later date. 

{A Neon "Polkaknot" Polkadot Party - Harding Kid Party}

Reegan's neon party pics are here! Ask her what kind of party she had and she would say "polkaknot" aka polka dot party. I adore those little kid phrases/words that aren't quite right. So much so that it's a little hard for me to correct her. But anyways a BIG FAT SPECIAL thank you to Kristi for her massive help in putting this all together! I love how my "non-themed" party ended up being  themed in the end. I loved the idea of bright colors and keeping it "simple" so that is what I was going for this year.

I'm loving the tissue paper tassels that we all know and love out there right now. Try and get neon tissue paper though...not an easy task at all! I settled for the brightest colors they had out there and used neon washi take and accents to amp up the neon feel.I ordered the dot label stickers on Amazon.

Funny Uncle Sean said "So it's Reegan's 33,333 birthday?!" Oh boys! I mixed contemporary and fun fonts on neon paper in Ikea frames for this cool touch on our living room "mantle."

The Reegan pictures over the years was by far my favorite touch to the party. Costing about $3 for neon paper at our local copy/printing store I simply Photoshoped some of our favorite pictures of her with a fun preset finish and in grey scale print. We tacked them in the wall for extra support and covered with the neon washi tape that I purchased for the party.

Was definitely on the verge of tears when going though all the pictures for this little masterpiece wall of Reegan.

Since we opted for a morning celebration our little guests got mini doughnut holes  with simple neon flags rather than birthday cake sugeriness so early in the day...I know, I know these aren't exactly sugar free either.

Massive cereal sales is where this all started. Basically the Hardings are set on cereal for life. I set up a little cereal bar in these fancy little geometric neon bowls from Target. Where else?! I was thrilled with their massive amount of neon products...just in time for my "non-themed" party.

I hand stamped these straws for guests to use...or slurp the milk left after the cereal is all gone. Maybe that was only me. Haha!All the neon circle confetti was hand cut. Very special thank you to daddy and Kristi for helping me get the proper colored table decor made!

An AMAZING Ombre cake was made for us by Kristi. Again not sure I could have pulled this whole thing off without her! That's cake two years in a row by her...maybe I will venture and do it on my own next year. No promises. Hehe!

Fab cake tassels where requested by me to Kristi and she nailed it! How cute are those mini tassels?!

My birthday sweetie. She was BEYOND excited about her 3rd birthday this year. Not sure there was so much anticipation for an event in her entire life. LOL! Yeah she was insanely excited for this day!

Blowing out her candles with tinsel sparkles and mini doughnut in hand. Her neon outfit was all clearanced from where else...Target!

The coolest lil' bro anyone could have. Don't be fooled though he was a total crank monkey. But he sure did look cute in his neon gear. 

Excited that we will soon be moving to a larger home that will allow us to have wonderful celebrations that aren't quite so cramped. Thank you a million times over to daddy, Kristi and Jess for always supporting me in these crazy, wonderful celebrations. And to all the other family and friends for joining us every year in our teeny tiny space. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{The Difference Between a Couch and a Chair}

Something for her to remember as she grows...something for us all to remember.

Found these lovely words here.
Grace is a bit like a two-seated couch. One seat is pardon and getting the release from our sins that we do not deserve, and the other seat is the power to walk in the freedom the pardon brings. One seat without the other is not a couch. A seat by it’s self would be a chair. Grace is a blend of power and pardon. Pardon by it’s self, makes for a lazy Christian. Power by it’s self makes for a self reliant/focused Christian. We need the balance of them both! John Piper says,

Grace is not simply leniency when we have sinned. Grace is the enabling gift of God not to sin. Grace is power, not just pardon.
A couch without more than one seat,
Would not be a couch,
It would be a chair.

Grace without power and pardon,
Would not be grace,
It would be limited.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Peter 1:2

Monday, August 19, 2013

{Cousin Tim Gets Hitched}

Well what a special trip we just made to Denver, CO. Ryan's cousin Tim Zeckser just joined forces with the uber sweet Abby Abby Zeckser. Why is a cousin getting married so mega special to Ryan and I?! Well Tim was front and center with us on the most important day of our lives...he was the one who married Ryan and I. We couldn't be happier about the union of these two wonderful people. I mean we are really just soooooo happy for them...and my hormonal pregnant ways make me overly sentimental about it maybe. But if you know me I'm always one to support family which includes sharing in celebrations wholeheartedly. Especially when the words that came from this man on my special day are something I can remember, hear and cherish like it was yesterday.Cousin!...I'm not sure there are any other Hardings that could be more happy for you as we are. BIG XO!

About Their Day
It was 100% filled with love and thoughtfulness that can not be fully explained. Our entire family was invited to join in this celebration (Master Fletcher as they addressed him got to go to his first wedding) which was something really special for me. Not only were we invited but warmly welcomed! Out-of-town guests were greeted with bags that included sweet sentiments and TOYS for the kids...better believe we entertained Fletcher with his toy car and Reegan was at our mercy with her Hello Kitty Pez dispenser as an encouragement tool. Wait it doesn't stop there at the ceremony the church staff were kind and set for small guests with entertainment bags during the service. I was impressed that they had thought of everything. Next we made our way straight over to the Civic Center for the reception. I really loved the spot they selected. It was this lovely loft space with that modern and industrial feel with beautiful fabrics that caught my graphic eye right away. I loved the design and colors so much. Our tiny people ended up a little too squirmy for cake and late night dancing and we checked out about 9ish. What I can tell you between the ceremony and reception is that the fun loving, goofy Tim we all know and love let us all see another side. As he struggled through his vows it was apparent to us all that this man was being united with his best friend on that special day. If I hadn't had my babes to distract me I would have been a blubbering mess as most of the crowd was. Congrats a million times over to the newly weds.  

AND of course...SOME of my fav pics from the trip had to be included. Highlights of our weekend away included the kids first aquarium trip, the big wedding (Fletcher's first) and a day at the Wein Ranch again a first for both Harding babies. ENJOY! MMMM K!


See some photos with us and Tim on our special day. 

Sorry for my pictures that are kinda all over the place! LOL! My Instagram formatting skillz need to be refined a bit more. Anyways...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{Family Photos - Reegan at 3 Years Old}

So for Reegan's bright birthday party {pics coming soon} I printed some black and white pictures of her on some neon copy paper and hung on the wall. It's going to be hard to take the new artwork down this week. I just wanted to share some of the many photos we took at our family session with Dream Photography Studio. I was lucky enough to get these ones of Reegan early to add to the wall photos and just wanted to post um up now.

When did she turn into such a BIG KID!?!? Not going to lie...I nearly cried when going through these pictures and more to add to the "Reegan Through the Years" bday wall, especially with the pregnancy hormones a flowing. However, I was able to hold it together but even ask Megan it was a sob worth sight! LOL! Enjoy!