Friday, August 23, 2013

{A Neon "Polkaknot" Polkadot Party - Harding Kid Party}

Reegan's neon party pics are here! Ask her what kind of party she had and she would say "polkaknot" aka polka dot party. I adore those little kid phrases/words that aren't quite right. So much so that it's a little hard for me to correct her. But anyways a BIG FAT SPECIAL thank you to Kristi for her massive help in putting this all together! I love how my "non-themed" party ended up being  themed in the end. I loved the idea of bright colors and keeping it "simple" so that is what I was going for this year.

I'm loving the tissue paper tassels that we all know and love out there right now. Try and get neon tissue paper though...not an easy task at all! I settled for the brightest colors they had out there and used neon washi take and accents to amp up the neon feel.I ordered the dot label stickers on Amazon.

Funny Uncle Sean said "So it's Reegan's 33,333 birthday?!" Oh boys! I mixed contemporary and fun fonts on neon paper in Ikea frames for this cool touch on our living room "mantle."

The Reegan pictures over the years was by far my favorite touch to the party. Costing about $3 for neon paper at our local copy/printing store I simply Photoshoped some of our favorite pictures of her with a fun preset finish and in grey scale print. We tacked them in the wall for extra support and covered with the neon washi tape that I purchased for the party.

Was definitely on the verge of tears when going though all the pictures for this little masterpiece wall of Reegan.

Since we opted for a morning celebration our little guests got mini doughnut holes  with simple neon flags rather than birthday cake sugeriness so early in the day...I know, I know these aren't exactly sugar free either.

Massive cereal sales is where this all started. Basically the Hardings are set on cereal for life. I set up a little cereal bar in these fancy little geometric neon bowls from Target. Where else?! I was thrilled with their massive amount of neon products...just in time for my "non-themed" party.

I hand stamped these straws for guests to use...or slurp the milk left after the cereal is all gone. Maybe that was only me. Haha!All the neon circle confetti was hand cut. Very special thank you to daddy and Kristi for helping me get the proper colored table decor made!

An AMAZING Ombre cake was made for us by Kristi. Again not sure I could have pulled this whole thing off without her! That's cake two years in a row by her...maybe I will venture and do it on my own next year. No promises. Hehe!

Fab cake tassels where requested by me to Kristi and she nailed it! How cute are those mini tassels?!

My birthday sweetie. She was BEYOND excited about her 3rd birthday this year. Not sure there was so much anticipation for an event in her entire life. LOL! Yeah she was insanely excited for this day!

Blowing out her candles with tinsel sparkles and mini doughnut in hand. Her neon outfit was all clearanced from where else...Target!

The coolest lil' bro anyone could have. Don't be fooled though he was a total crank monkey. But he sure did look cute in his neon gear. 

Excited that we will soon be moving to a larger home that will allow us to have wonderful celebrations that aren't quite so cramped. Thank you a million times over to daddy, Kristi and Jess for always supporting me in these crazy, wonderful celebrations. And to all the other family and friends for joining us every year in our teeny tiny space. 


aubrey kinch said...

So cute!
You always have been such a creative party thrower!


Rachel Harding said...
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Rachel Harding said...

Thanks lady! I love your style so that means a lot to me. XO!