Monday, August 19, 2013

{Cousin Tim Gets Hitched}

Well what a special trip we just made to Denver, CO. Ryan's cousin Tim Zeckser just joined forces with the uber sweet Abby Abby Zeckser. Why is a cousin getting married so mega special to Ryan and I?! Well Tim was front and center with us on the most important day of our lives...he was the one who married Ryan and I. We couldn't be happier about the union of these two wonderful people. I mean we are really just soooooo happy for them...and my hormonal pregnant ways make me overly sentimental about it maybe. But if you know me I'm always one to support family which includes sharing in celebrations wholeheartedly. Especially when the words that came from this man on my special day are something I can remember, hear and cherish like it was yesterday.Cousin!...I'm not sure there are any other Hardings that could be more happy for you as we are. BIG XO!

About Their Day
It was 100% filled with love and thoughtfulness that can not be fully explained. Our entire family was invited to join in this celebration (Master Fletcher as they addressed him got to go to his first wedding) which was something really special for me. Not only were we invited but warmly welcomed! Out-of-town guests were greeted with bags that included sweet sentiments and TOYS for the kids...better believe we entertained Fletcher with his toy car and Reegan was at our mercy with her Hello Kitty Pez dispenser as an encouragement tool. Wait it doesn't stop there at the ceremony the church staff were kind and set for small guests with entertainment bags during the service. I was impressed that they had thought of everything. Next we made our way straight over to the Civic Center for the reception. I really loved the spot they selected. It was this lovely loft space with that modern and industrial feel with beautiful fabrics that caught my graphic eye right away. I loved the design and colors so much. Our tiny people ended up a little too squirmy for cake and late night dancing and we checked out about 9ish. What I can tell you between the ceremony and reception is that the fun loving, goofy Tim we all know and love let us all see another side. As he struggled through his vows it was apparent to us all that this man was being united with his best friend on that special day. If I hadn't had my babes to distract me I would have been a blubbering mess as most of the crowd was. Congrats a million times over to the newly weds.  

AND of course...SOME of my fav pics from the trip had to be included. Highlights of our weekend away included the kids first aquarium trip, the big wedding (Fletcher's first) and a day at the Wein Ranch again a first for both Harding babies. ENJOY! MMMM K!


See some photos with us and Tim on our special day. 

Sorry for my pictures that are kinda all over the place! LOL! My Instagram formatting skillz need to be refined a bit more. Anyways...

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