Friday, August 23, 2013

{We're Not Crazy We're Blessed}

And expecting our third baby! It's funny how as one continues to grow a family the congrats and well wishes decrease per addition. We have always wanted three little Hardings and God has blessed us just with that. When I look at these pictures it fills me with some major joy. 

That joy is because I know that His plan was always for me to be Reegan's mom and Fletcher's mom and baby boy Hudson's mom (due 1/25/2014}. Each one of these little people has impacted our lives in such a indescribably wonderful way. We smile and laugh 300 times more than we would have without them...I find so many more reasons to journal our lives here on our little corner of the www...and each new experience makes my heart just soar. I can not imagine my life without any of them whether it's a fun moment or during a fit.

So we look forward to welcoming our third on January 25th and know that we have an amazing support system of friends and family but most importantly we have the support between two best friends that get to be each others spouse and of course the Big Guy too. Side note did you "eye spy" a bottle in the pic below...parenting at it's finest. LOL!

And could we not bring one more cool kid into the world to fill these glasses?! 

Some more of my favorite pictures from our family session with Stacey! Amazingly talented, kind hearted, warm lady behind the camera! Check her out!

Yeah that is def a blue winier....wonder why a person pregnant having a baby boy would have that in there. Hahahaha!

So there you have it our official baby announcement...that is clearly happy everything. Hope you enjoyed our "family...oh and by the way I'm pregnant" pictures. Full on belly pics to come at a later date. 


Andrea said...

Just found your blog! Lovely photos and congrats! Happy to be following along! -Andrea

The Arizona Russums said...

Congrats!! I think #3 is VERY exciting news!! :)

Rachel Harding said...

We are so excited and blessed. Life is busy as always so I'm trying to journal my last baybay as much as possible. ;)