Monday, September 30, 2013

{Little Inspiration Feature - Kids Mixed Media Art}

Hey guys! Not sure if you saw posting via Insta & FB recently but I was included on one of my fav blogs, Little Inspiration, for some top kids crafts. This project was done when I was a stay-at-home mommy for a few weeks. It was def a fav and I'm glad to see it here with other amazing projects. Can you guys guess which project I will be doing with the kids this week? It's in the photo above! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

{Free Halloween Printables - Thiller}

Hop on over to A Night Owl Blog where I am a contributor and check out one of my free Halloween printables. I have lots of different themes coming out this season! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

{Reegan's First Day of Pre-K}

Reegan started preschool this year at Joy Christian Preschool on August 12th...which also happened to be the day of her 3rd birthday. What a busy time that was for our family. We had just celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday, had a party at home for Reegan's third birthday and visited with our CO uncles that were in town. THEN I prepared everything for the first day of school and "had" to make Monster's University favor bags/treats (AKA ordered mini treats from PB Bakery) for all the kids in class. I put together cute little Monster's University bags (she loves this movie and I thought the theme was fitting LOL!) with notebooks, markers and fruit snacks in tupperware bowls for all her new classmates. As I mentioned I ordered mini treats/chippers for the kiddos. I found out by chance that the lady taking my order had a daughter in Reegan's class...small world experience ..and she was kind enough to make a special birthday cookie for Reegan. I literally almost cried about that sweet gesture. Preggers hormones a flaring here people! But I did hold it together at drop of her first day. So yay...for mommy on that one. What a wonderful year of celebration!
So let's talk a little more about Reegan in school. First day included birthday celebration as mentioned above and we kicked off the day with the obligatory sign + front door on first day of school pic...I might have to redo this...looking back I should have done a full body so we could see how much she grows in height by the end of the school year.
I am "that parent" that probably texts the teacher too much. Ms. Kristi was kind enough to send me a picture of Reegan eating her special Mike Wazowski cookie on the first about making this mommy happy with getting a sneak peak into how her first day was going.
We insanely love her preschool and couldn't be happier with the results we already see from her being in a school environment. Reegan has to check in everyday which means find her name tag and move it from the Out to In chart. We place her water and lunchbox in the proper place. We sign in and she's off to the playground. At pick up she has to wait in her spot (a little diamond for my girl that sparkles) on the rug until we sign her out. Then she collects her water, lunchbox and checks her cubby for things to take home.
Her classroom is the Owl's Nest...I love every little owl thing I see even more now! I of course DIE for the projects that she brings home and started a little school corner in her room. I love hearing her say things like, "I had so much fun today!" and important lessons like, "God doesn't like us to steal." Makes me giggle but in all seriousness I'm glad that we have an additional resource in helping us establish the rights and wrongs in life, education and God all in one wonderful little package. 
There are so many awesome events going on in our life thanks to Joy. We had a special Luau welcome event, the extra birthday celebration, an annual auction, a Pumpkin Palooza event and so much more. God TRULY blessed us with this amazing place that our daughter spends her time at when away from home. Lots more to come on Reegan and school and if you don't get enough here check out my Insta feed which has full coverage! LOL! I'm bad I know.

Friday, September 27, 2013

{Let's Play Cards - Tiny Pine Press}

So now that Reegan is in school I had to take some tips from the pros and get some play date cards. If you are like this busy, working momma anything to add organization into life is a BIG PLUS! I loved so many different styles but anyone who knows me well knows a little vintage + modern mix is my main flavor (case in point my globe DIY project)! So these fab cards by Tiny Pine Press were the ones I went with. What do you think? Total Dick and Jane right? Can't deny the classics that's for sure. A special thank you to Tiny Pine Press for the fab set of cards that now live in Reegan's pencil box.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

{Being in Balance}

In advance...sorry that I'm not sorry for this long post. If you reach the end you might just find a little something that applies to you too. 

Finding balance has to be one of the hardest things in today's world I think. I often find myself pulled in so many directions that I can't focus much on any one thing. God/faith/church, family/friends/children, work/commute/appointments, school/homework/projects/events, hobbies/crafting/blogging, volunteering/giving/serving, technology/Twitter/Google/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest, housework/laundry/cleaning, pregnancy/well being/pain, etc....guys it's ALOT and that list isn't even the half of it. These things are all good...don't get me wrong...the problem is that there are only 24 hours in one day and growing a tiny human I lose more and more time to sleep/resting/lounging.  

Lately I've been involved in a few things between church (CCV) and school (Joy Christian) that have been pretty inspiring and have really filled me up. 

At CCV/church I continue to volunteer weekly in the nursery but Ryan is also volunteering as a coach for a peewee football team. This means there are more days during the week that us Harding are serving God than not. Ryan has Tuesday and Thursday practice and soon to be Friday games. Reegan has her christian preschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well as "Sunday" school at CCV. I have Sunday serving in the nursery and lately church on Saturday. I have also joined a monthly women's bible study thanks to Vanessa! Fletch has "Sunday" school in the walkers at CCV but before we know it will be right there with the rest of us. We hope to add a small neighborhood group to the schedule soon for a more one on one experience than we have on Saturday/Sundays at CCV. 

So what's with the schedule breakdown and busy talk? Well I just a couple things + why I have been feeling so inspired by the amazing things God can do.

At CCV us Hardings continue to grow our faith and Step Up. Recently our church has added two more campuses which is just amazing beyond words. We started when there was one campus and now there are five locations. Adding these last two campuses was a real stretch and with lots of prayers and donations our church exceeded the $5 Mil it needed to accomplish it's goals of reaching those in the Valley that don't know Christ. How do they do this? In God plain and simple. This place is our second home and I'm proud that we were part of these efforts. Because through them we are reaching people that we don't even know for Christ.

Did we meet that $5 Mil goal to nearly double in size? OH YEAH WE DID!...and exceeded it. Amazing things going on at this place thanks to all that prayer and faith in God.

At Joy Christian I have been heavily involved in raising funds and donations for the school's annual auction. It's been a wonderful experience to call on donations from family, friends, companies and other sources and have such a turn out. I was able to raise over $1,500 for our classroom basket (made 6 baskets total) which benefits the church/school. I'm continually amazed how in Him wonderful things happen.

At CCV Stars Youth we mainly give time to a group of 12 kids this year. I was able, along with Jen, to make fabulous "welcome to the team" gifts for these boys. Again aquiring a donation of sports water bottles for them was an awesome thing that brought me some major joy. Jen made then amazing with her silhouette machine by adding football helmets with the player and coaches names.

Also at CCV we are doing a series called My Family. Uhhhh yeah I was called out a few times on this one. Love a church that keeps it real and no matter what the topic I feel like the message always has something to offer me. 

To Do List brought up in Part 1 of this series for me:

Not Living for Likes
Staying Connected with God not Technology 
Not Missing a Childhood (Connect with Your Kids & Not Technology)
Technology Free Zones at Home

From the Notes:

Good GUARDRAILS will bring freedom and SAFETY to your family. 

1. Check the TECH.

2. Use technology to SHARE YOUR FAITH.

Proverbs 22:6 - Guide and Advise 
Proverbs 29:15 - Correct 
Proverbs 4:23 - Guard

2. Technology FREE zones.

Ephesians 5:15-17 (TLB) - “So be careful how you act; these are difficult days. Don’t be fools; be wise: make the most of every opportunity you have for doing good. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but try to find out and do whatever the Lord wants you to.”
Psalm 46:10 - “Be still, and know that I am God...“ 

Good GOALS will bring purpose and FOCUS to your family.

1. Use technology to ENCOURAGE.


Philippians 4:8 

2. Use technology to SHARE YOUR FAITH. 

Habakkuk 1:5 - ”Look at the nations and watch - and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

Develop one GUARDRAIL and one GOAL to help your family navigate this constantly connected world. 

In the past we have invited friends...many who are nearly members now themselves as we are. We Hardings love you all and would love you to join us at our second home ANYTIME. So tell us when you are free because as mentioned before we spend more days than not involved with this CCV group we love so much!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Oye What a Pregnant Day}

This is me doing a somber selfie as I am planted in this rocker for Hudson thanks to some major pain. Round Ligament Pain is something I suffer with every single pregnancy this is a common side effect of pregnancy. I've never posted about it before because I could always manage aka suffer/complain my way through the pain. Today is different. I'm second trimester and have crippling pain on the right side...both tell-tale signs of round ligament pains. I spent the first part of the day just fine but then right before work I was walking from my car to the office and in the parking lot I felt a little extra pain than normal. I called my OB for suggestions because OUCH that smarts yo! As the hours passed the pain increased more and more. A trip to the restroom had me wincing and clinging to the office walls. A step more than 6 inches is killer....anything is killer. Needless to say I'm down for the count. Doctors say I need to rest, apply a warm compress and can take Tylenol...I'm immobile and pretty sure this regiment won't change that for me. Well, as always, I have to come here to document so there you have it. 

Silver lining. I am not able to walk but it's temporary and it effects only me and not dude. Although it doesn't feel minor with radiating pain from pelvic to tailbone it is not a MAJOR issue. Also being down and out I have some pretty amazing support on the spot. Hubs of course is taking care of everything, grams drug out a cane for me, aunt Deb delivered it in record time and dad will be assisting me tomorrow with the kids since Ryan will be coaching his peewee football team. Pulling it together even when I can't walk. Just praying that this is the worst of it or else it might be a walker next for this one. I think acupuncture /chiropractor is in my near future. Only time will tell. Until then.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Halfway There at Last}

AKA our last halfway there post. Bittersweet of course. This is my third and final 20 weeks pregnancy post. I literally can not believe the speed of time and how fast it flies by these days! Things have been going well during my third pregnancy. I posted a little bit about our boy not too long ago. We had an excellent ultrasound appointment in which everything got measured except his magnificent mug because he was being difficult. He weighed in at 13 ounces (the chubby one of the bunch for my kiddos - Reegan was 9 ounces and Fletcher was 12 ounces) and I got this snap of him and will add the ultrasound print outs on here soon.

His neck folds were measuring perfect for this point in the pregnancy. I got comments like "He's all boy", "Looking great" and "Being difficult." Why 20 weeks is so special is because today marks the first day that daddy felt Hudson kicking around inside my belly. We tried to share this special moment with Reegan but she is more one for giving him hugs and kisses over waiting around for barely there kicks. Fletcher was busy watching his movie and just being a boy. 

Whats the common thread with all these 20 week baybays posts?...mommy and daddy were/are always feeling blessed by the Lord for sharing these amazing, tiny humans with us. They light up our lives in such an indescribably wonderful way! As I read the previous Halfway There posts I find it interesting that with both kiddos there was a possibility of c-section deliveries at this point. With Reegan it was due to my placenta previa and with Fletcher due to him being in the breech position. I have one birth plan with each and everyone of my kids...give it God. I have faith that He has this all worked out for me and although there is no mention of c-section for this lil guy we have already faced some "not so perfect" news. But being the eternal optimist and faithful momma I am I always have and always will know that everything is as it should be.

Wondering what was going on with Fletcher and Reegan at this point in their lives?! 

Check it out here for Fletch man and here for Reegs. EEEEE! Hudson is going to be here before we know it.

{Wizard of Oz - Printables + Products}

One of my FAVORITE things is a classic movie! So I was overjoyed when I won VIP tickets to a prescreening of the Wizard of Oz in 3D which is in IMAX theaters for it's 75th Anniversary. Just to enjoy and reminisce about when times were different is such a wonderful treat! I would have loved to share this experience with Reegan but her 3 year old self isn't quite ready for this movie yet. The lions and tigers and bears oh my!...would likely be too much for her. Just ask me about how she was at daddy's family coaching event on Friday and threw a frisbee down in the middle of a game of tag and took off running in fright. Luckily I saw it all go down and was there to call out to her and she came running into my arms so I could comfort her. I was thankful to have one of my friends, fellow classic movie lover, Jen tag along for the fun! Naturally I made up fun little bags for the event...kinda my thing yo! 

This was a "quick & dirty" project. Holla at Target for new gift bag options that are Dollar spot prices with a line of of embellishments for the crafty individual that does stuff at the last minute. Aye! Snagged polka dot kraft bags, poppy style flowers and snacks. Got home dug out some Martha ribbon (like in Dorothy's hair) a lil' hot glue action and viola! 

Jen and I naturally had to snap many pics...she obvi showed off her bag! I mean that's typical us! Also how often is a classic movie of this magnitude on the silver screen these days?! Are you super impressed with our mad iPhone photo skillz...her blurry selfies and my 3D poppies?!...ahhh well something to remember.

Photo phones or not we had such a great time. Well Dorothy and the Tinman got me thinking about how I designed some Wizard of Oz quotes within the last year so I thought I would put them up here to share. ENJOY!

Thank you Raising Arizona Kids for the lovely experience/VIP tickets to this event! Are you going to check out the Wizard of Oz when it comes out?...remember it's only for a limited time!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

{Raising AZ Kids Winner}

Whhhhhhha?! Twofer type of day! Another win for the day...this NEVER happens. I have another exciting win today from Raising AZ Kids...I'm kind of  frequenting the calendar of events a lot lately to see whats going on in the Valley for kiddo 1, kiddo 2 and coming soon kiddo 3. Well I just noticed that there was a give away for the Wizard of Oz 3D...hello!? I'm crazy for classics! So I was a winner selected to participate in the pre-opening screening for this movie.


Time to acquire some ruby red slippers. LOL!

{Mer Mag Winner}

I literally just jumped back in my in seriously flew backwards in see that "I'M A WINNER" of this fab magnetic figurines contest from Mer Mag! A blogger that I crazy love! Merrilee is an illustrator, painter, dabbling designer, crafter, seamstress and mother of two boys and a wee little girl. She did work with Baby Gap because of her fab design skillz! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram too! 


So excited! Way to turn around a rainy, utter traffic chaos morning for me! I can't wait to show these little ladies off more to y'all when we get them home to play with! Reegan is gonna be EXCITE!

Friday, September 6, 2013

{Reegan Comparison}

Aye aye aye! Love when we accidentally get these similar pics and can really see the crazy changes and similarities. I live for a comparison pic!!! Insanely blessed to know some fab photogs!

Enjoy my baybay boo!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Grandparents Day Printable}

Well our Grandparent's Day cards are out and the big day is fast approaching on Sunday, September 8th! You haven't done anything yet?...there is still time...check out my little creations below. 

So show some appreciation to those grand people we all know and love! Download the free printable(s) that I whipped out just in the nick of time for you! Click HERE and HERE for PDF files. Enjoy!

What else are you doing for the special day? We are having a sleep over with one of our grandmas and a doll tea party with the other and maybe a BBQ with papa. Should be one for the books! 

You're welcome!