Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Grandparents Day Printable}

Well our Grandparent's Day cards are out and the big day is fast approaching on Sunday, September 8th! You haven't done anything yet?...there is still time...check out my little creations below. 

So show some appreciation to those grand people we all know and love! Download the free printable(s) that I whipped out just in the nick of time for you! Click HERE and HERE for PDF files. Enjoy!

What else are you doing for the special day? We are having a sleep over with one of our grandmas and a doll tea party with the other and maybe a BBQ with papa. Should be one for the books! 

You're welcome!  

1 comment:

Mrs. Klein said...

I cannot get the download to work. When I click on it, it just shows the picture, not the downloadable copy. Is there somewhere else this is at? So cute!