Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Halfway There at Last}

AKA our last halfway there post. Bittersweet of course. This is my third and final 20 weeks pregnancy post. I literally can not believe the speed of time and how fast it flies by these days! Things have been going well during my third pregnancy. I posted a little bit about our boy not too long ago. We had an excellent ultrasound appointment in which everything got measured except his magnificent mug because he was being difficult. He weighed in at 13 ounces (the chubby one of the bunch for my kiddos - Reegan was 9 ounces and Fletcher was 12 ounces) and I got this snap of him and will add the ultrasound print outs on here soon.

His neck folds were measuring perfect for this point in the pregnancy. I got comments like "He's all boy", "Looking great" and "Being difficult." Why 20 weeks is so special is because today marks the first day that daddy felt Hudson kicking around inside my belly. We tried to share this special moment with Reegan but she is more one for giving him hugs and kisses over waiting around for barely there kicks. Fletcher was busy watching his movie and just being a boy. 

Whats the common thread with all these 20 week baybays posts?...mommy and daddy were/are always feeling blessed by the Lord for sharing these amazing, tiny humans with us. They light up our lives in such an indescribably wonderful way! As I read the previous Halfway There posts I find it interesting that with both kiddos there was a possibility of c-section deliveries at this point. With Reegan it was due to my placenta previa and with Fletcher due to him being in the breech position. I have one birth plan with each and everyone of my kids...give it God. I have faith that He has this all worked out for me and although there is no mention of c-section for this lil guy we have already faced some "not so perfect" news. But being the eternal optimist and faithful momma I am I always have and always will know that everything is as it should be.

Wondering what was going on with Fletcher and Reegan at this point in their lives?! 

Check it out here for Fletch man and here for Reegs. EEEEE! Hudson is going to be here before we know it.

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