Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{Life Lessons from Ollie the Owl}

As one of the activities at Reegan's preschool she was selected to take home Ollie the Owl (the classroom mascot) and write all about it and it AKA mommy did journaling part as we could tell other parents before us did. I loved this activity so much and Reegan really fell in love with this little guy right away and has called on him more than any other toy or doll that I can remember. We were super thrilled to be spoiled and have him for a long weekend rather than just for one day in between classes. 

Recognizing this connection right away I thought to myself...let's order her one of her own and it will be here before/by Wednesday when it's her time to give Ollie back. PUMP THE BREAKS MOM!!! This pretty much defeats the whole point of the activity. We share with the class and then give back what isn't ours. How easy it is to quickly see a "need" AKA want that your child has and provide a solution at lightening speed. 

Instead we sat down first thing this evening and talked about how Ollie had to go back to school tomorrow. We read over and over the stories of the children that had Ollie before us and were good about sharing Ollie so we had a turn with him. 

My intention is to never over indugle my children with worldy items. It's so challenging in todays society not to. But as of right now there is not an Ollie on order and we will be taking him back to school tomorrow. I anticipate there will be tears. And I'm not saying down the road maybe for Christmas or something there won't be an Ollie under the tree but I'm choosing to take this lesson in with Reegan about the importance of sharing and passing a new friend on to others so they can have the same wonderful experience she did...tempting to hold him hostage but it's not gonna happen. LOL! 

Today I packed him up in his bag with his folder and tonight she requested him before she fell asleep...just like I thought she would but was hoping she might soon forget about her friend. Not going to happen. ;) My solution is this post, the pictures we took with him and I printed her a copy of our Ollie page to look at when she is missing him. So there you have it...mommy is learning things at Pre-K too. What a blessing Joy Christian Preschool has already been to us. I definitely didn't think that I would be taking in messages/lessons along with Reegan.  

Full preschool post coming soon but this sweet little lesson beat the school story...that will be coming soon of course! Hehe!

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