Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Oye What a Pregnant Day}

This is me doing a somber selfie as I am planted in this rocker for Hudson thanks to some major pain. Round Ligament Pain is something I suffer with every single pregnancy this is a common side effect of pregnancy. I've never posted about it before because I could always manage aka suffer/complain my way through the pain. Today is different. I'm second trimester and have crippling pain on the right side...both tell-tale signs of round ligament pains. I spent the first part of the day just fine but then right before work I was walking from my car to the office and in the parking lot I felt a little extra pain than normal. I called my OB for suggestions because OUCH that smarts yo! As the hours passed the pain increased more and more. A trip to the restroom had me wincing and clinging to the office walls. A step more than 6 inches is killer....anything is killer. Needless to say I'm down for the count. Doctors say I need to rest, apply a warm compress and can take Tylenol...I'm immobile and pretty sure this regiment won't change that for me. Well, as always, I have to come here to document so there you have it. 

Silver lining. I am not able to walk but it's temporary and it effects only me and not dude. Although it doesn't feel minor with radiating pain from pelvic to tailbone it is not a MAJOR issue. Also being down and out I have some pretty amazing support on the spot. Hubs of course is taking care of everything, grams drug out a cane for me, aunt Deb delivered it in record time and dad will be assisting me tomorrow with the kids since Ryan will be coaching his peewee football team. Pulling it together even when I can't walk. Just praying that this is the worst of it or else it might be a walker next for this one. I think acupuncture /chiropractor is in my near future. Only time will tell. Until then.


Krystle P said...

I had to do cold compresses and see a chiropractor a few times to help mine!!! It is truly awful pain! :( good luck!!

Rachel Harding said...

Thanks Krystle!!!! I'm finding out that a lot of pregnant ladies have to do the ole chiropractor...something new to me but quite obviously necessary since I'm approach week 21 of 40...still have a ways to go. XO! Rache