Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Wizard of Oz - Printables + Products}

One of my FAVORITE things is a classic movie! So I was overjoyed when I won VIP tickets to a prescreening of the Wizard of Oz in 3D which is in IMAX theaters for it's 75th Anniversary. Just to enjoy and reminisce about when times were different is such a wonderful treat! I would have loved to share this experience with Reegan but her 3 year old self isn't quite ready for this movie yet. The lions and tigers and bears oh my!...would likely be too much for her. Just ask me about how she was at daddy's family coaching event on Friday and threw a frisbee down in the middle of a game of tag and took off running in fright. Luckily I saw it all go down and was there to call out to her and she came running into my arms so I could comfort her. I was thankful to have one of my friends, fellow classic movie lover, Jen tag along for the fun! Naturally I made up fun little bags for the event...kinda my thing yo! 

This was a "quick & dirty" project. Holla at Target for new gift bag options that are Dollar spot prices with a line of of embellishments for the crafty individual that does stuff at the last minute. Aye! Snagged polka dot kraft bags, poppy style flowers and snacks. Got home dug out some Martha ribbon (like in Dorothy's hair) a lil' hot glue action and viola! 

Jen and I naturally had to snap many pics...she obvi showed off her bag! I mean that's typical us! Also how often is a classic movie of this magnitude on the silver screen these days?! Are you super impressed with our mad iPhone photo skillz...her blurry selfies and my 3D poppies?!...ahhh well something to remember.

Photo phones or not we had such a great time. Well Dorothy and the Tinman got me thinking about how I designed some Wizard of Oz quotes within the last year so I thought I would put them up here to share. ENJOY!

Thank you Raising Arizona Kids for the lovely experience/VIP tickets to this event! Are you going to check out the Wizard of Oz when it comes out?...remember it's only for a limited time!

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