Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{A Spooky Soiree and a Free Halloween Printable}

We just love our friends the Fleckys! So we were excited to attend their first (annual?) Halloween kids party! Hanging with the Flecky family, the Riemers, the Streets and new little friends is always on the top of our list!

Jess, as always, threw one amazing event! We had a blast crafting away, playing on Amelia's slide and hide and seeking it up. Jess was loving Fletcher's pumpkin! He did all "on his own" with the candy corn teeth and fuzzy nose. ;)

Fab food and friends are something this preggers is really soaking up lately! Plus I died over all the little cuties in costume!

In my "spare" time I also designed a fun printable for Reegan's preschool class.
Head over to A Night Owl Blog for two freebies and the old Etsy shop for the full set! Are your kids dressing up as any of the characters I designed? Hope you have a fun Halloween!

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