Thursday, October 3, 2013

{Thank You God for Making Me A Penguin Who Found Another Penguin}

As most of us know penguins (Adelie species) are kinda a cool little birds that pick one mate for a lifetime. As the link says...they stick together to raise a chick and share the parenting duties. And today I thank God for making me feel most like a penguin in the animal kingdom. Today is four years (wedding anniversary) of 13 years spent together. We are currently in a season of our lives that doesn't allow us to fully appreciate each other daily with soon to be three kids at ages three and under.  Truth be told I recently have been feeling like the "little" task of walking and parenting have been priority over my husband which is a major bummer. But everyday is a new day to make that man of mine feel appreciated for everything he does as well as for the person he is. I'm basically one stinking proud wifey! I'm blessed to have a partner that helps me to no end with kiddo raising, spiritual stuff, housework, cooking, laundry, daily routine and much, much more...I won't bore you with the long list....think Santa with his list of kids names type of list. I mean he basically helps me keep my head on straight AND BONUS he is my best friend that I can always count on. Like the kind of friend you can't keep ANYTHING from...secrets, emotions, anything really. I could talk on this topic for ages but I think you get the gist of it. I just had to take a moment today to share that I feel just beyond blessed to know that everything that I have done, shared, learned, grown in, seen, etc. etc. has been shared with one of my oldest, dearest friends that I now call husband. I love that I can tell people that there has always just been the one love of my life...just one to say I love you to...just one for so many firsts with a spouse...just one to call fiance/ husband.  We continue on together, as always, in this crazy world. Hand in hand until death due us part. Love you & happy anni baby!


Unknown said...

WoW! What an amazing post from my wonderful wife. We are truly two of the most blessed people in the world. We may not have the nicest house, or the best cars, or even the most amount of $$$$, but we have each other and we have 2 (soon to be 3) amazing children. It has always been my goal in life to be a good man, father, and husband and my family makes this job easy on me. I Love you very much wife, and I as well thank my lucky stars on a daily basis for having such a wonderful woman in my life. LOVE YOU!!!

Unknown said...

You'll know what this is for. ;)