Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{34 Weeks - Hudson William Harding}

Continuing to rest up and grow this baybay at 34 weeks. Christmas is coming y'all. Super pumped to celebrate the birth of Christ. With all the new home stuff and growing a babe I'm feeling more like really taking in the true meaning of Christmas and skipping on all the commercial stuff. I actually have only purchased the kiddos one toy each and a couple DVDs for Christmas this year. The rest is recycling things we had on hand or buying used. I know they are gonna love opening their packages...doesn't matter what is inside or how much we spent on it. I watched an HBO documentary called American Winter the other night that really got me thinking...the real gift is that we can provide for them anything they need. We have been so blessed for that because so many people can't give their children three meals a day, a warm bed to sleep in, a roof over their head, proper winter clothes/coats, enough diapers to keep them clean, etc. etc. I made the hubs watch it too. It's really good to remind ourselves about how fortunate we really are. Well I got off topic of Mr. Hudson there...he continues to grow and I think he will be one strong boy...I'm convinced he is the most active of all this siblings and really gets my tummy moving around. Hoping he isn't getting antsy and can entertain himself for another 6 weeks. We joke that he hears all the craziness in the house and wants to stay put for the long haul. People have already been taking bets on his far we have 1/7 and 1/13...only time will tell.

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JenAStreet said...

Wouldn't it be hilare if this one stayed put past his due date (well maybe not hilare for mom):) I'm thinking he's gonna be good and stay put til 39 weeks. So 1/18!