Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{SODAlighted for a Special Sprinkle / Diaper Drive}

My amazing friends Jen, Vanessa and Kristi put on a lovely, low-key Sprinkle for me last weekend and I have to say it was so nice to chill with my main peeps and have a small Hudson celebration.

There was fab bunting, flowers, flavored sodas and some of my favs for a beautiful brunch. 

I love how they snagged some words from my "We're Not Crazy We're Blessed Post" about embarking on having a family with five....which was added to the custom bottle labels on the flavored soda favor. So many people comment with crazy, nuts, insane, busy etc. etc. etc. when talking to me about my baby on the way and how we will have three children. Pretty sure even having one kiddo has it moments. I don't know what God has planned for our family but we intend on this lil man being our promises to anyone though. At the end of the day it's our lives and family and although comments will always keep right on coming we give provide for our kids and love them lots and that is what counts.  Phewph! ;) Anyways back to the sprinkle...we also enjoyed some tasty treats and laughs while we played a "What's in Your Bag" aunt Debbie dominated by scoring 106 and the next was Brianne at around 59. 

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such special women that continue to celebrate our growing Harding family...even on baby number 3. Especially the ones that took the time and effort to put this perfect celebration together in Hudson's honor. 

I'm pretty sure they are just making sure that they will be able to get in some major snuggle time with Hudson once he arrives. Hehe! That's a given...stellar sprinkle celebration or not. :)

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