Friday, February 28, 2014

{Facebook + Insta Announcement}

We had a mini photo shesh in the hospital aka mommarazzi took tons of pics {as you can see} of Hudson to share with the world. 

It's funny how I can never get enough pics of my little babes. It's always bittersweet for me to look back at these sweet moments in my life. These pictures take me right back to this truly special time. I love you Huddy Huds!

{#weeklyhuds #monthlyhuds}

Because I'm ridic and I like to watch my little handsome fella grow! 

The Weekly:

The Monthly:

Hope you enjoy and let's see if I ACTUALLY keep on this one. LOL!

{37-39 Weeks - Hudson William Harding}

As most everyone knows I was blessed to make it all the way to 39 weeks with before the birth of our third baby Hudson. Just 4 days shy of my actual due date actually. I wanted to share the rest of my bump pictures and my little 10 day count down to his due date which I continued on even after we welcomed him into the world. 

I will be posting his birth story very soon. Life and a maternity leave with three children has been wonderfully busy. More coming soon.