Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Birth Story : Hudson William Harding}

Welcome to the world my little smiley boy. Hudson's story is a very different one from his siblings. We were so blessed to carry this little man nearly to his due date. He arrived on January 21th @ 12:16 PM (Fletcher was born at 12:16 AM...they make up the 12:16 club now) and his due date was January 25th. Stats were 7.14 lbs and 21 inches long. Hudson William Harding decided to join us on the FIFTH...that's right the 5th F-I-F-T-H trip to the hospital. I couldn't feel more like a new mother than I did with him. Kind of out of touch with my own body...there was that time at 20 weeks...then the multiple trips to the hospital. I was so nervous about carrying him long enough to avoid a hospital stay like Fletcher. I kept hearing he is your third so he is going to come fast and I was walking around at 5 cm dilated for what seemed to be a month or so. I needed to have the an antibiotic treatment because I tested strep B positive so I was also concerned about getting to the hospital in time to have that treatment.

That morning I woke up around the 4 AM hour. I went to the rest room and moments later I was in the kitchen and sneezed/coughed and swore I felt leak from my water (this didn't happen with the first two). TMI I know but this is a birth story so stop reading if you don't want to hear about a baby's birth into the world. I had an appointment to see my OB that morning for my weekly check. She said not to wait but to come in right away for my antibiotic. So we quickly showered and grabbed a few more things (obvi packed since this would be our 5th time to the hospital) and headed to get the kids to their sitter. 

Off to the hospital it was and I jokingly said that this trip was on Dr. Apigo...the time before that was on I was only responsible for 3 false trips to have this baby. And let's be clear here I was in active labor most times I went to the hospital. It just wasn't contracting and effacing enough/coordinating together to get admitted. This time since I mentioned about my water leaking they tested me. Like oh what?! You don't just take my word for it?! LOL! So here came the doubt again. Was that actually my water leaking? Was today really the day? Would I get my meds in time? Would Dr. Apigo get to delivery him? How do I know when is the right time to come in? Well let me tell you it was a blessing to have those who reassured me in my life. The one who was the most boisterous was of course Auntie Heather who said if it took 100 times to just keep going in when I thought it might be time. Thank you a million times over for the support it kept me sane. It was beyond humbling + emotional + frustrating (if I'm being honest) to have false alarms on your third baby. They did two, count them two, tests for my water and on the second she said I had the tiniest bit of amniotic fluid and WOULD BE ADMITTED! I felt like I had just been told I was the winner of the best little gift ever. Relief washed over me. Everything was going to be OK. No more waiting no more worrying. 

At this point it all started it happened pretty fast. 

Antibiotic check. Let me tell you this stuff about killed my arm going in. They wanted to get me the full dose before time to push. Admitting that and the Pitocin in coordination to get the optimal results was not fun for momma. I was comparing my arm to what a UFC fighter must go through and how could they cope. LOL!

Epidural check. I had to wait because another mommy was airlifted to the hospital and taken right to the OR. I was patiently waiting because I knew she needed the staff more than I did at that time. The anesthesiologist apologized for the wait and we talked about his upcoming ski trip. Hehe! Important stuff ya know.

Daddy ate lunch check. 

Then things started to get a little uncomfortable right when our nurse was going to take her lunch break. She said she was going to hurry. Not 15 minutes later I had to have Ryan call her in....IT WAS TIME! I asked if she got to eat her lunch and she said she didn't. To that I replied that Hudson owed her a lunch down the road. I heard a voice from the hallway tell our nurse "Do you need me?" (the on call doctor) and she said "No. We will wait for her doctor." She then looked at me and said "And I have two hands if I need to catch the baby." In comes Dr. Apigo. *big sighs* one doctor to deliver all three of my babies. Check! I just remember her throwing her doctors covers on. Then into position. Push...wait wait wait....push...wait wait wait. My baby was in my arms before I laid my head down. Instant bliss. Life with this angel couldn't be sweeter. Thankful that God saw us fit to be his parents.

Seems appropriate that I'm writing my third birth story and my son is already 3 months (don't judge)...parents of 3 you've got my back on this one right?! Plus this happened. Hudson you are the perfect, chubby little cherry on top of our crazy, wonderful life. The joy you give me could never be put into words so I simply end it with...

We love you. XO Mommy + Daddy!


JenAStreet said...

Girl, you cracl me up!!!!
"TMI I know but this is a birth story so stop reading if you don't want to hear about a baby's birth into the world."

So glad Hudson came to join our dance parties!!! xoxo!

Rachel Harding said...

Haha! You know me. COMPLETE open book. LOL! If you don't like it don't read + follow. Bahah! XO friend. Love your comments. We need a dance party ASAP post move.