Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Father’s Day Gifts From Years Past with Dollar Shave Club}

Well I was super excited that Dollar Shave Club with that EPIC viral video reached out to me to share about some funny things from Father's Day in years past. You guys being a parent is a pretty funny and humiliating thing at times. Only celebrating our 3rd Father's Day you'd think I didn't have any funny stories. You're wrong there. First Father's Day Reegan was about 10 month's old and I took the time to go to one of those pottery places and had her do a cute little hand print on a glass dish for Ryan. A catch all for at his office. I presented it to him that day and he loved it...knocked it outta the park! I let Reegan hold it...I thought oh she is so young what harm will it do. She somehow managed to chuck the thing like 2 feet onto the our tile floor and it shattered. It being kinda a sore subject I didn't photo it. But here she is around that time. Who knew she had an arm on her at that young age?!

OK lesson learned. Don't have baby handle a breakable gift. The very next year I planned a day out to our fave food truck as they were having a Dad's Day Event. Let's talk about how the weather was so windy and insane that the hubs literally had his meal blown right off the table....I ended up with dirt in my eyes and obviously wore a dress on what felt like the windiest day AZ has ever seen. Good news is we got some AMAZING shots of the kids with dad!

Third times a charm. Last year was pretty successful for me on the gift giving end/weather was perfect. Hubs loved what I/kids gave him...and really everyone did. So much so that one of my BFF's made the very same give for her hubs. Used the same printable and everything. What's the mishap you're wondering?...when he came over at a later date we had the framed gift out on our shelf and her cover was blown! I'm wondering what kind of story will I have to tell from this year. Looking forward to more fun memories made! 

I already have ideas for this year what about you!? Look out for my printables (beards will be involved) that will hit North Phoenix Moms Blog and A Night Owl Blog very soon! 


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Very beautiful pics on father day! Thanks and living a year with happiness.


PlusPrinters said...

amazing pics of this special father day! May you all live many many more! Thanks for sharing with us!

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Nice to see father day pics! I have a lot of prayers for you!

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