Monday, May 12, 2014

{One Epic Mother's Day!}

This was one for the books since its the first of many with my 3 babes. It also happen to fall onto my birthday this year so it was an extra special celebration today. We had yummy breakfast treats compliments of daddy, lounged for a bit, ***TOOK OUR FIRST FAMILY SELFIE PIC***, went to church with Grandma Janet, I volunteered in the nursery, headed to Angela's for a celebration with Grandma Betty and then back home. Seriously a lovely day that I won't soon forget. Prezzies included new skinnys, a cute new top I'm seen wearing that day, sushi dinner, movie night, giftcards and some cold hard cash. Favs were sweet cards and the best was a pic with all my loves. My heart couldn't be happier.

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