Saturday, September 13, 2014

Personalized Burlap Activity Mats

We all know what a dance off is but have you ever heard of a craft off?! LOL! Well I contribute over at See Vanessa Craft (have you seen her busy bag events?!) and she had the idea for a friendly "Do Something Crafty Competition."

What's it all about you ask? 5 bloggers. 5 projects. All participants are using the same stencils provided by Vanessa via Cutting Edge Stencils. The winner get a $50 gift card to Cutting Edge Stencils. Next week you will have a chance to vote on your FAVORITE project. When pondering on my project I decided to market to the moms that want a fab meets functional crafting project.

My project deets...I don’t know about you but the endless act of picking up toys can seem like a losing battle for me. So I decided to get creative and use my Cutting Edge Stencils for something that is functional + fab + fun. Our playroom is in the front room of our house so I try my best to make this area presentable at all times because looks matter in this space! I had the brilliant idea to make personalized burlap activity mats for each of my kiddos to motivate them to keep their toys confined to a small area. Once done playing with one toy they must put it away in order to pull something new. Time to make your own right?! 

What You’ll Need:
·       Chalkboard Spray Paint
·       Burlap or Similar Fabric
·       Tape
·       Protective Backing

I opted to use a stencil, chalkboard spray paint, and clear tape for a FAST and functional project. Simply take clear tape and tape down edges of the stencil. 

I sprayed at a downward angle in order to prevent the paint from lifting the stencil too much. I wanted more of a rustic feel…think coffee bean bag so perfectly cut painted edges weren’t necessary. 

IMPORTANT: you will need to put a barrier behind the fabric you are spraying, as the paint will likely seep through onto your working surface. Once dry I cut out the mat to my desired size. Next it was time to PLAY!

I hope this craft project helps you conquer the battle on toys in your house! A GREAT IDEA: this project can be quickly made for a themed playdate or party at very little cost and will make clean up a breeze! What do you think of my craft? littles LOVED! Go and vote for me now! 

A special thank you to See Vanessa Craft for letting me participate and to the sponsor Cutting Edge Stencils.


Jennifer Dawn said...

Very cute idea! I may have to do this myself. :)

Tiffany said...

These are super cute! I wish I was crafty like this. Lol

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