Friday, December 19, 2014

{JOY - Reegan's Christmas Recital}

Yet another real life moment that ends in a blessing. If you have been reading about us lately here on the blog you have learned that I'm not super thrilled with the level of involvement I have had at Reegan's school this year. More about that is that I now pick up the boys from daycare and Ryan handles the drop off and pick up of Reegan. Total team effort and it works well for us but my interaction with her teachers is basically nonexistent. Well we had a minor communication error and we thought Reegan's recital started at started at 6:30PM. RUT ROW! So I was wrong when I thought I was 30 minutes early. I was still hopeful and thought I just might luck out and get a decent seat in the middle for pictures but quickly realized that wasn't possible when the hubby gave me the update on our time flub (he took Reegan straight to the show while I picked up grandma so she could join in the fun). This is Reegan's last year of preschool and who knows if I will get to see a sweet holiday recital like this for her for a while...thankful that I still get this experience it for my boys BUT it's still bittersweet and I was hoping to really capture this show of hers.

So back to being late...or just on time rather. The seats weren't good. I immediately ran to the front and shuffled my way through the crowd. I got to say Hi to her, wave from across the stage, snap a couple pictures that were basically not good and hurry to my seat in the very back left of the auditorium. Did I mention that Reegan was at the front right of the stage?! LOL! Great, just great! I had to actually walk grandma up to the stage area just so she could she place Reegan. The seats were just TERRIBLE. Ugh!

If you're thinking I was being a little crazy/dramatic I probably was but pictures are key to remembering these years. Special moments pass by too fast I've been warned so many times. I was disappointed. BUT then...that blessing I mentioned in the beginning of this post happened! My amazing friend Jessica was there! Her daughter was in the very same recital. And Jessica....she is a mega talented photographer AND BONUS she was sitting right in front of Reegan. She snapped away and caught that special show I so desperately wanted to capture. Merry Christmas to of the best gifts this year. Thank you my dear friend. These mean the world to me. #thankful #blessed

Photo credit to Flecky Fotography

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