Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make a Memory - REAL Holiday Traditions for Our Family

As many of you know we call CCV our church home. Ryan volunteers as a coach for Stars and I am a regular in the nursery on the weekends. Well we recently were called to action to start meaningful family traditions (make a memory) during the holidays. Already my mind was running. I don’t think I’m capable of really impacting my Harding babes in a way that they are telling me to at church. I'm not consistent. I don’t have a “good enough” tradition. They are too young to really grasp the reason for the season. BUT THEN…

This week (12/15) when we were praying over our dinner I see little Huddy, all of 11 months old, put his hands together as we pray. HEART.MELTED. (Tried to photo with no luck but the hubby and I both witnessed it.)

So I realized that they are impacted. Who knows what memories they will keep into their adulthood? So these traditions are in fact important ones. I am still trying to come up with things I think will be special for us. It might sound cheesy but what came to mind with their young ages was to start with things that will be sensory related. The SMELL of the Christmas Tree. The TASTE of homemade Christmas Cookies. The TOUCH of a soft handed down quilt. HEARING a special holiday song (CCV Christmas album for the WIN). SEEING Christmas lights from a warm car we are all crammed into. The cost of these is not much but the impact will be huge I hope. If you know me I prefer all things sentimental over commercial.

In looking at old pictures I see we have already started with our SMELL of a REAL Christmas Tree for three years now. And you know what, I don’t think it could be sweeter!!!

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