Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mommy I Need You

Photo Credit to Dream Photography Studio

Sometimes the simple phrase "Mommy I Need You" couldn't be sweeter! Tonight it was Fletcher calling out to me when he was supposed to be fast asleep. I had already MAJORLY coaxed him to bed.

He's currently as a stage where he HATES going to sleep in his own bed + he's a night owl. It is more often than not an extremely frustrating process. He starts to ask what will happen after dinner, what will happen after bath time, can he lay on the couch, etc. etc. etc. He is waiting for us to say he has to go to bed so that he finally can go into battle against the bedtime war that we currently have going. There are always tears and objections. IT. IS. A. PROCESS! 

Well tonight I got him into jammies. Read him two parts of a four story book...a "vintage" Martha and George book incase you cared. He giggled and that made me happy that he liked one of my old favs. Finally I tucked him in. A while later I hear "Mommy I need you!" called out a couple times. This made me happy in that moment. It wasn't the normal this is "such a process" feeling of trying to get him to bed. I was needed by him and that brought me joy. It's a gamble sometimes...appreciating that need. It was heaven in that instant and I might have even smiled. :) So I hurried to his room. Grabbed the Baymax toy that was out of his reach. Gave him a smooch. And said I love you. I know soon I will wish for so many of these little moments.

Tonight it filled my whole heart with love.

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JenAStreet said...

Love the new blog, hoping to see much more cute posts on here again :) MUAH!