Friday, May 1, 2015

This Season of Me

Photo Credit Talk Studios Make Up Artist Healthy Skin AZ

Woman of God. Working from home. Mom of 3. Busier than I could have EVER imagined. Blogger + Mompeneur. Graphic Designer. Social Media Sista. Gleamster. Baby Food Reppin'. Hand Lettering Dabbler. Local Lover. Party Thrower. DIY Diva. Vintage Junkie meets Modern Mama. Owner of 2 Homes. Only 1 Car. Loving Willow. Bangs. Hustler. Beer Taster. Savvy Shopper. Lunch Lady for 2. Driver of 3. Wife of Stars Coach. Neighborhood Group. Stylist + Newbie Braider. Healthy Living Wanna Be. Decorator. Mamarazzi. Professional iPhone Photographer. BFeeding. Backpack Packer. Cup Filler. Park Player. Harding for Lifer. And much more.