THE STORY:  We are a little family that is bursting at the seams with love. We enjoy time with our friends, family but most of all EACH OTHER!

Ryan and I are high school sweet hearts that met and began dating {only 16 years old} our junior year of high school. We continued dating long distance when Ryan graduated and left for college at the University of Arizona. He graduated in 2005, we got an apartment together, then a house, four years after he graduated passed by and then he proposed! :)

We got married at the Desert Botanical Gardens after 9 years of dating on October 3, 2009. Wasting no time we welcomed our daughter, Reegan Taylor Harding, into the world on August 12, 2010 {which is daddy’s birthday.} Then our son Fletcher Wayne Harding NEARLY arrived on Valentine’s Day but missed it by 16 minutes and was welcomed on February 15, 2012.  

My partner in crime! Ryan is definitely my better half. The support and love I get from him continues to exceed my expectations everyday. What a humble, amazing person he is. He is the proudest husband and father on the block...for serious on that! <--- And wears these two titles proudly and takes them both very serious. He is most definitely the rock of our family and we are happy to have such an amazing leader to our little pack. 


Who me?! Oh well you know I'm not going to sit here and write about myself. How about what I do. OK I'm down with that. I am marketing coordinator part time & a mommy + designer wanna be full time. I'm beyond blessed to be able to spend my life with my best friend & I do my best at being half the partner he is to me. I love thrifting, DIY projects, designing, music, Twilight, Hunger Games and any other teenager thing you can think of. I'm uber proud of my kids and work hard to document things about their life because I know we all want to go back and read about the story of us! It's my favorite story of all. Hope you ENJOY!

This little lady packs so much personality punch in a very tiny package. She is my first baby love and what a joy to have her as the first mini person that taught me so much. The awe that I experienced in all those first moments and life lessons with her were just so tender and sweet. I am a parent first but surely will always be a friend to this girl if she will have me.

Oh my sweet love. How could our family have ever managed without him?! He is such a wonderful addition to our clan. 100% sweet and let's mommy cuddle and hold him constantly. Total charmer that no body can resist...and if he isn't flirting he is laughing. Fletch is definitely Reegan's #1 fan and she is his. Watching their early friendship unfold has been wonderful to say the least.

If Ryan is rock of our family than He-Him-Big Guy-God is the center of that rock aka pebble that made the rock. We look around this crazy world and the word thankful doesn't even seem to sum up what we feel that He has blessed us nonstop in our lives. There have been a few hiccups along the way but we never wavered or lost our undying faith in Him. We are still always working on being better children to Him and we most definitely stumble along the way but we are devoted to Him always and forever.


Unknown said...

SO... SOOO Cute!

Heidi @ Antlers and Roses said...

Love your story!! We almost live parallel lives! ;) I think this is super cute how you have it set up! BEAUTIFUL!!

Rachel Harding said...

Angie & Heidi Thanks ladies! I appreciate the love! XO!